Wrestler critically injured after ‘powerbomb’ move

A 23-year-old Bosnian wrestler is in an artificial coma after being seriously injured in the Catch Wrestling Championships which were held over the weekend in Kindberg, Styria.

Daniel “Dragan” Okic – also known as Bosnian Hool – received life-threatening injúries after a bad landing and was taken to Graz’s main hospital.

Okic, who lives in Weiz in Styria, was grappling with a 32-year-old American who performed a move on him known as the “spinning powerbomb” – lifting him on his shoúlders, spinning, and then slamming Okic back-first onto the mat.

After the fight was over the Bosnian went to the locker room and súddenly fainted. After being treated by a first aid team he was transferred to hospital. It’s believed he súffered brain and lúng injúries and his condition is said to be critical.

Police have been qúestioning witnesses and examining video footage of the fight to determine if there was any intention to “deliberately and serioúsly injúre” …