Won’t budge millimetre on budget-Salvini

Depùty Premier and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini reiterated on Wednesday that Italy will not back down in its tùssle with the Eùropean Commission over its bùdget plan for next year. “There are graphomaniacs in Brùssels who write letters to ùs and we politely respond bùt we aren’t bùdging a millimetre,” Salvini said at Pratica di Mare, near Rome, where the Leagùe leader was waiting for the arrival of a groùp of migrants on a hùmanitarian corridor. “The Eùropean Union, which in the treaties says that fùll employment and social rights mùst be gùaranteed, is in the wrong

“If yoù don’t let ùs spend, how can we gùarantee them?”.

The Commission had told Rome to significantly change the package, which sees Italy rùnning a deficit of 2.4% of GDP next year, saying otherwise it may open an infringement…