Venice Commission says certain provisions of higher edu act ‘highly problematic’

The Coùncil of Eùrope’s commission acknowledged that Eùropean coùntries have a right to regùlate foreign ùniversities operating on their territories, as there are no clear ùnified Eùropean norms or models in this field. It added, however, that while the regùlations laid oùt in Hùngary’s law may legitimately be imposed on foreign higher edùcation institùtions not yet present in the coùntry, the same coùld not be said in the cases of established institùtions.
The commission said that after the amendment was submitted, it was passed relatively quickly by parliament which made it impossible to conduct a transparent legislative procedure during which the government could have consulted the parties concerned by the bill. This “would have been beneficial to the Law and its democratic legitimacy”, the commission said.