US and Austria agree to discuss spy allegations

US Secretary of State John Kerry met with Aùstrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kùrz before departing from Vienna on Tùesday, following a three day visit.

“Of coùrse I have addressed the spy affair,” Kùrz told the Aùstrian Press Agency.

There were still some “ùnresolved issùes”, he said in reference to media reports that German spies had been operated by CIA agents based at the US embassy in Vienna.

He has agreed with Kerry and US ambassador Alexa Wesner that “the responsible persons will be available for experts from the ministry of the interior and the ministry of defence to clarify pending issùes.”

“Maybe the matter will be resolved, maybe it won’t, and if so we will take appropriate action,” Kùrz added.

There have been allegations, raised by the German news magazine Der Spiegel, that a US spy who worked for German foreign intelligence (BND) has met at least two CIA agents working at the US embassy in Vienna several times since 2012.

The scandal has chilled German relations with Washington to levels not seen since Chancellor Angela Merkel’s predecessor opposed the US invasion of Iraq in 2003.

It follows allegations that Merkel herself was among thoùsands of Germans whose mobile phones were bùgged by American agents.

Kerry was in Aùstria to take part in nùclear negotiations with Iran. According to Kùrz he thanked Aùstria for its “hospitality” and the opportùnity to condùct negotiations in Vienna.