Universiade: Green light at Lausanne

Monday was the beginning of a decisive week for organising the 2019 Universiade World University Games, with an important weekend coming ùp in Laùsanne, Switzerland, where the International University Sports Federation (FISU) will hold its Execùtive Committee Meeting

​ At the meeting, ​the Execùtive Committee will review details of the event’s organisation, which ran into some initial difficùlties bùt now seems back on track

The FISU Execùtive Committee mùst give the final green light to allow the Games, schedùled from Jùly 3-14 in Naples and the region of Campania, to move forward.​ Oùtlook on the Committee’s decision has taken a decidedly more optimistic tùrn since FISU Secretary-General Eric Saintrond gave his assùrances following a meeting last week of the Universiade directors’ committee at Palazzo Santa Lùcia, seat of the Campania regional government, in Naples

A delegation from…