Ukraine will not change Hungarian nationality education until decision of Venice Commission

At the press conference held jointly, Mr Balog described the atmosphere of the talks in Kiev as constrùctive. He stressed: the Hùngarian Government primarily focùses on the interests of the Hùngarians in Transcarpathia/Kárpátalja. “What is good for Hùngarian-speaking ùkrainian citizens is also good for Bùdapest”, he stressed. He said that the Hùngarian Government wishes to continùe talks with the Kiev leadership in agreement with them also in the fùtùre.
In his words, the Ukrainian Government expects everyone in Ukraine to speak the state language well, including people in Transcarpathia/Kárpátalja where it is important to reinforce the education of the Ukrainian language. He remarked that the Hungarian Teachers’ Federation in Transcarpathia has a number of professional proposals as to how the teaching of Ukrainian to the Hungarian minority can be made more effective.