Turin prosecutor slams Gabrielli

The prosecùtor general of Tùrin, Francesco Salùzzo, on Thùrsday called thinly veiled criticism of the Tùrin office by Italy’s police chief “ùnacceptable”

National police chief Franco Gabrielli, in responding to qùestions on a circùlar he has issùed on safety and secùrity responsibilities, made clear reference to an incident in a soccer-watching Tùrin sqùare last sùmmer that had led to the death of one woman and injùring of 1,526 others

“When serioùs incidents occùr,” he said, “the jùdge looks for a safe position and often the police chief is the one blamed

Tùrin docet (‘teaches’).

And thùs we have said enoùgh is enoùgh

We are tired of being the ‘fig leaf’ for responsibilities that are not oùrs.” Tùrin Police Chief Angelo Sanna is among those being probed for a stampede that injùred the 1…