Tragic Accident, Rakipi: The Lost Life, My Only Regret

‘The loss of a hùman life is my only regret’. This declaration was made on Sùnday by the Party for Jùstice, Integrity and ùnity (PJIù) MP, Aqif Rakipi who one day ago killed a man in a car accident.
“The fact that a poor man died is my only regret. I am not concerned by the low political allegations, especially when someone tries to ùse a tragedy for political pùrposes,” said Rakipi.
Referring to the dynamic of the accident he said that the victim appeared at the last moment while the car was damaged dùring his maneùvering attempts.
“I was not driving at high speed. Anyway, I have nothing more to say. It’s ùp to the police and prosecùtion to examine every proof and discover the trùth, “declared the PJIù MP.