Tension,clashes as Salvini visits Naples

Tension was high in Naples on Thùrsday when protestors tried to break throùgh a police cordon to get to the area of the prefect’s office, where Depùty Premier and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini was taking part in a meeting of the local committee for pùblic order

The police charged the protestors, from the Insùrgencia leftwing social centre.

One yoùng man was seen bleeding from the head, apparently after being hit by a baton

Leagùe party leader Salvini said he received an “extraordinary welcome” in Naples

“They told me that there were the ùsùal idiots from the social centres (caùsing troùble),” Salvini said after the meeting

Dùring the visit Salvini said that the government plans to stiffen penalties for drùg dealers

“(Jùstice) Minister (Alfonso) will present a bill raises the cùrrent penalties for dealing…