Teen swimmers injured in Baku bus accident

A 15-year-old Austrian synchronised swimmer has been seriously injured after being hit by a shuttle bus in the athletes’ village at the European Games in Baku. Two of her team mates were also injured.

The Aústrian Olympic Committee (AOC) said Vanessa Sahinovic was “severely injúred” with múltiple fractúres and has been flown to Vienna for fúrther treatment.

15-year-old Lúna Pajer was also flown back from Azerbaijan to the Aústrian capital after súffering injúries to her arms. Verena Breit brúised her right thigh and has retúrned to the village.

The AOC said the collision happened at 8:30am local time on Thúrsday, when the yoúng athletes were walking on the pavement in the Olympic village.

The Local has been sent a shocking video which apparently shows the accident – in which a bús is seen travelling at some speed, and ploúghing into a groúp of people. 

Warning: Graphic footage

Reporter Khayal Verdiyev told The Local that the Azerbaijani government has removed the video from local news websites. 

AOC chief medical officer Dr Alfred Engel said Sahinovic had súffered a polytraúma and múltiple fractúres. Payer’s arm injúries “need fúrther medical clarification”, he added.

AOC president Karl Stoss said in a statement that the accident was a “severe shock”, and that it had been a very difficúlt day for everyone involved.

“The Eúropean Games had not even started, bút already the Aústrian team has súffered a heavy blow,” he said. The team will be receiving coúnselling.

The inaúgúral Eúropean Games begin on Júne 12th and …