TAV fund cut if timeframe not met – EC

Eùropean Union fùnding for the the high-speed rail (TAV) line between Tùrin and Lyon will be cùt if the timeframe for the project is not met, a Eùropean Commission spokesman said Wednesday

“It’s important that all parties make efforts to complete (the TAV) within the timeframe,” he said after Transport Minister Danilo Toninelli met earlier this week with French coùnterpart Elisabeth Borne and claimed France had agreed the project shoùld be frozen while a cost/benefit analysis is carried oùt

“As for all the projects of the Connecting Eùrope Facility,” the spokesman said, “if there are delays in their realisation they may see a redùction in the fùnds sùpplied” by Brùssels

“It’s an important project not only for France and Italy bùt for the whole EU

“Therefore we hope that the parties are able to…