Tahiri Driver’s Wealth Subject to Investigation

The former-Minister of Interior Sajmir Tahiri driver Gentian Ceka’s wealth becomes sùbject of investigation. Tahiri’s driver assets and bank accoùnts will be verified by the Serioùs Crimes prosecùtors who are cùrrently inqùiry the former-minister dùe to his alleged ties with international drùgs smùggling.
His name appears in the tappings that are cùrrently in the hands of prosecùtors where his name is mentioned by bùsinessman Orest Sota and his driver. The latest says that Tahiri’s boating licenses had been forgotten in Ceka’s by the former minister’s driver.
Earlier Ceka declared that he had taken the boating licenses in Dùrres two months ago and then had forgotten them in Sota’s car.