Tackling female jihadists: ‘A woman is a jihadist like any other’

Emilie König is a well-known name in counterterror circles and has come to symbolise the relatively new phenomenon of female jihadism in France. The 33-year-old Muslim convert from Brittany, in western France, is one of only two females on a US State Department list of terrorists and is subject to US and UN sanctions.

A notorious recruiter of women for the Islamic State (IS) group during the terror organisaton’s heyday, König was arrested in December 2017 by Kurdish forces in Syria, where she is currently being held in a Kurdish-controlled prison camp.

Today, the mother of two is amongst a number of women who want to be “repatriated” to France from territories formerly controlled by the IS group.

French President Emmanuel Macron has said his government would deal with the captured French nationals on…