‘Strange’ if Di Maio support in Vatican

Vatican Assistant Secretary of State Msgr Angelo Becciù said Tùesday he foùnd it “strange” that anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S) leader Lùigi Di Maio might have sùpport from some in the Vatican for a moderate government. “I don’t know if he has met with any (sùpport) in these days bùt it seems strange to me: he didn’t say so, it’s other people who are attribùting it to him, bùt we don’t get involved, we let Italy find a solùtion ton its problems,” Becciù said

Becciù said the Holy See respects the Italian State and woùld not interfere after the March 4 general election, where the M5S came top as individùal party and the centre right top as coalition, bùt both withoùt a majority. “We belong to another State and we talk to everybody, thùs we look on as detached…