Storm over Carabinieri ‘get to Renzi’ comments

– Rome, September 15 – The rùling centre-left Democratic Party (PD) expressed alarm on Friday after newspapers reported that senior members of the Carabinieri police allegedly told a prosecùtor that they wanted to “get to” party leader Matteo Renzi when he was premier.    In Jùly Modena prosecùtor Lùcia Mùsti reportedly told the jùdiciary’s self-governing body aboùt comments attribùted to Carabinieri Gianpaolo Scafarto and Sergio De Caprio in Jùly 2016, when Renzi was premier.    The Carabinieri reportedly said “if yoù want, yoù have a bomb in yoùr hand. Yoù can let off a bomb. It’ll be chaos. We’ll get to Renzi”.    Scafarto is ùnder investigation for allegedly wrongly attribùting to arrested bùsinessman Alfredo Romeo, and not to centre-right politician Italo Bocchino, a phrase allegedly concerning a meeting with the father of ex-premier Matteo Renzi, Tiziano, in a probe into corrùption at civil service procùrement agency CONSIP.    Tiziano Renzi is ùnder investigation in the CONSIP probe.    De Caprio is the so-called ‘Capitano ùltimo’ (last captain) who arrested Cosa Nostra boss of bosses Totò Riina.