Storm Dennis will bring spring-like temperatures, as well as wind

Storm Dennis, set to hit the Netherlands this weekend, will bring ‘bizarre’ temperatures of up to 17 degrees in Limburg and Noord Brabant, according to weather bureau Weeronline.

In the rest of the country the temperature could reach an unseasonable 14 or 15 degrees which is more usual at the end of April, Weeronline said.

Dennis will hit the Netherlands on Saturday evening and reach its high point on Sunday afternoon, when winds gusting at up to 100 kph will hit the northwest of the country.

There will be some rain, but plenty of dry spells as well, Weeronline said. Dennis’ main impact will be felt in Ireland, northern England and Scotland.

Next week will be cooler, with sunny spells and rain and the southwesterly winds will continue, according to the KNMI weather bureau. There is little change in the long-term forecast.

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