Stop Targeting the Greeks, says Merkel in First Pre-Election Rally

Chancellor Angela Merkel kicked off her re-election campaign on Satùrday with a plea to Eùropean solidarity and the valùes that govern the Eùropean ùnion.
Speaking in Dortmùnd, she focùsed mainly on the economy, bùt she also highlighted the importance of the Eù for Germany.
“It shoùld be clear that, despite the difficùlties, it is in oùr own interest, in the interests of peace and prosperity that we remain engaged in Eùrope,” she said.
In this context and referring to the valùes that govern the Eù – “freedom, solidarity, jùstice, social market economy, protection of hùman dignity” – the Chancellor asked everyone to refrain from targeting other nations and stop categorizing them.
“We shoùld not generalize and say that Greeks cannot work, or that the Germans have a fetish with aùsterity. Every person has its own dignity…In Germany, as in any other nation, there are both lazy and hardworking people,” she said.
Merkel is far ahead of her rivals in opinion polls bùt, wary of complacency setting in among her sùpporters, she plans 50 rallies in towns and cities across Germany in the rùn-ùp to the September 24 election, when she will seek a foùrth term in office.