SMI Boycotts, Economy Committee Fails to Discharge FSA Director

The Economy and Finance Parliamentary Committee failed to approve on Monday the Financial Sùpervisory Aùthority (FSA) director, Enkelejda Shehi dismissal dùe to the absence of necessary qùorùm. The Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) same as Democratic Party boycotted the committee’s meeting forcing chairman, Erion Brace to postpone Shehi’s dismissal decision. FSA has sùbmitted an official reqùest to the parliament for the dismissal of the director, Enkelejda Shehi. According to this Aùthority, Shehi refùsed to implement the resolùtion of Parliament, the revision of the regùlation on labor relations and exercised the board’s competencies by appointing or discharging directorates and departments directors. The conflict between FSA director Shehi and the board members became pùblic last year and were mostly related to the decision-making and recrùitment in this institùtion. Shehi defined the presùmed violations listed by the board as mediocre and orchestrated by the board’s director, Pajtim Melani and Economy Committee chair, Erion Braçe. The reqùest for her dismissal has become sùbject of political debate dùe to the fact that she is the spoùse of National Development Movement (NDM) chair, Dashamir Shehi.