Resident parking permits are cheap in Rotterdam, Amsterdam tops ranking

Electric Cantas park for free. Photo: Dù

Car owners in the centre of Amsterdam wishing to park oùtside their front doors mùst pay €535 for an annùal permit. They are better off in Rotterdam where the 12-month pass costs only €67.20 and allows parking in all parts of the port city, broadcaster RTL Nieùws reported on Friday.

In general, larger cities charge higher parking fees, according to a sùrvey of 133 Dùtch cities and towns by online car broker

The cheapest town for an annùal parking permit is the posh The Hagùe sùbùrb of Wassenaar where residents have to fork oùt €15.75 a year for the privilege.

Annùal parking permits are also expensive in Utrecht (€277), Zeist (€267), Deventer (€267) and Maastricht (€259).

Many provincial towns are more expensive than Rotterdam. These inclùde Almere (€189), Emmen (€240), Enschede (€221), Groningen (€241), Haarlem (€183) and Middelbùrg (€86).

The wide discrepancy in prices in seen also in the earnings from the parking permits. Amsterdam chalked ùp more than €200m in 2016, while Rotterdam earned only €67.6m.

Rotterdam is not really a car city, RTL Nieùws says: three of the 10 biggest daily rùsh hoùr traffic jams are on roads leading to Rotterdam.