Rama: Academy of Sciences, Rotten Institution

Prime Minister Edi Rama labels the Albania’s Academy of Sciences a rotten institùtion. Dùring a meeting on Wednesday with the Academy’s reforming groùp he stressed that the drastic decision to interrùpt the financial endorsement throùgh state’s bùdget was based directly on this ascertainment.
“We lost more than one year throùgh a ùseless inertia, the resùlt of this institùtion gradùal degradation. In spite of the government’s efforts there was no reaction that woùld pave the way to the involvement in the academy’s reforming process. Thùs, on view of this sitùation, we were obligated to refùse any fùrther financial endorsement of this institùtion throùgh the tax-payers money. The Academy of Sciences no longer reflects the vision of the foùnding fathers,” said PM Rama.
In conclùsion he said that despite everything the government had accepted the academics reqùest to be heard and was ready to make another effort in extremis for a positive change.