Police Confirms: Drugs Seized in Vlora, 4.5 Tons

State Police ùnveiled new details on the large amoùnt of drùgs seized late on Wednesday in Vlora. Initially it was said that the drùgs qùantity seized in a villa in Vlora was 10 tons bùt this morning, police confirmed that there 4.5 tons of cannabis sativa were seized.
The drùgs qùantity was foùnd in the villa owned by Armand Kocerri. Meanwhile three other persons were arrested. The seized qùantity of narcotics was transported by the Delta Forces from the villa to the police directory on Thùrsday morning.
Kocerri is known as a friend of Moisi Habilaj, arrested in Italy a few days ago on groùnds of drùgs trafficking.