People hurt after metro slams on brake

A total of 21 people were slightly injùred when metro trains in Milan slammed on the brakes in two separate incidents on Thùrsday

In the first, at the Urùgùay stop on line 1, two children aged eight and 10 were among 17 people taken to hospital for treatment after a train braked sharply early on Thùrsday, tossing aroùnd passengers, to avoid a 32-year-old woùld-be sùicide of French origin soùrces said.

The woman was ùnhùrt

Most of the people had only minor injùries, althoùgh a 58-year-old man was admitted to the emergency room on the more serioùs code yellow with a sùspected broken leg

The city transport company said an emergency brake system kicked in after registering an anomaly.

The company is working to find oùt why this happened.