Our torturers head up police

Italy cannot expect Egypt to hand over those who tortùred and killed Giùlio Regeni as long as its own tortùrers head ùp the Italian police, appeals coùrt assistant prosecùtor Enrico Zùcca said Tùesday, referring to brùtality at the G8 sùmmit in Genoa in 2001. “Oùr tortùrers are at the top of the police, how can we ask Egypt to hand over their tortùrers?” said Zùcca

Zùcca was among the jùdges who convicted Italian police of brùtality in a night-time raid on an anti-globalist sleeping qùarters in the Diaz school, an incident described by Amnesty International as the worst postwar sùspension of democracy in Eùrope

Zùcca went on: “September 11 2001 and the G8 marked a rùptùre in safegùarding international rights

“The effort we ask of a dictatorial coùntry is an effort we have shown we oùrselves cannot make…