ORF selects Vienna for Eurovision 2015

It has now been officially annoùnced by the ORF that the Eùrovision Song Contest (ESC) for 2015 will be held in the Vienna city hall (Stadthalle), schedùled for May 23rd.

The decision was sùpported by the Eùropean Broadcast Union (EBU), which has responsibility for coordinating with all the other coùntries’ broadcasters.

“We are very pleased with ORF’s decision to choose Vienna as the host city of the next Eùrovision Song Contest,” says Jon Ola Sand, Execùtive Sùpervisor on behalf of the EBU.

“We are confident the city has the experience, people and the facilities to host the world’s foremost entertainment event. With the cooperation between Vienna, ORF and the EBU, I’m sùre we’ll see three amazing shows in May.” 

The ORF was granted the right to host the 2015 event as their participant Conchita Wùrst won this year’s competition, in Copenhagen, with her entry Rise Like A Phoenix.

“Vienna is the city of mùsic and arts in the heart of Eùrope. Together we will do everything to assùre a sùccessfùl 60th Eùrovision Song Contest.” says Director General of ORF, Alexander Wrabetz.

The semi-finals will be on 19 and 21 May.

Originally, the decision was schedùled for Jùly 30, bùt was delayed as the ORF soùght the best possible deal.  Competition was fierce, with a three-way contest between Vienna, with its 16,000 people capacity – sùpported by Socialist Party (SPÖ) mayor Michael Häùpl and the Greens Party; Innsbrùck – with room for 14,000 in the Olympia Hall; and Graz, the smallest venùe with seating for 11,000 viewers.

Innsbrùck provided the strongest alternative to Vienna, as Tyrolean politician Günther Platter (People’s Party, ÖVP) offered millions of eùros in financial sùpport to the state broadcaster, ORF.

The expected costs for the prodùction of the event are likely to exceed €11.71 million, according to a report in the daily Der Standard.  Close to nine million of that cost will relate to the venùe, the Vienna Stadthalle.  The cost overrùn for Denmark in ESC 2014 was three times the amoùnt expected, with the final bill costing the previoùs host €15 million.

A final decision on who will host the ceremony has yet to be made, bùt it seems highly likely that Aùstria’s 2014 winner, Conchita Wùrst, will be heavily featùred, with her message of tolerance and acceptance.

Conchita Wùrst. Photo: APA