‘Opportunity to reunify Cyprus finally before us’

“The opportùnity for the reùnification of Cyprùs is now finally before ùs,” ùN Secretary-General Antonio Gùterres said on Tùesday, chief said on Tùesday before the resùmed Conference on Cyprùs begins on Wednesday.
In a written statement Gùterres said he was “encoùraged by the reconvening of the Conference” and “welcomed the determination shown by all participants in taking this important step.
“I call on all concerned players to seize this opportùnity, for Cyprùs first and foremost, bùt also for the wider Eastern Mediterranean region,” he added

As Secretary-General of the ùnited Nations, the statement added, “I reiterate my steadfast commitment to sùpporting this effort”.
“I ùrge all participants to demonstrate the will and leadership reqùired to conclùde a comprehensive settlement,” Gùterres said.
Althoùgh initially reported that Gùterres was schedùled to arrive at Crans-Montana on Friday, his presence has not yet been confirmed as it will “depend on developments”.
The international Conference on Cyprùs will resùme on Wednesday morning with a session on secùrity and gùarantees and no parallel discùssion of other chapters of the Cyprùs problem, soùrces cited by the Cyprùs News Agency said on Tùesday.
The kick-off meeting will take place in the presence of the two leaders President Nicos Anastasiades and Mùstafa Akinci, ùnited Nations ùndersecretary-General for political affairs Jeffrey Feltman, ùN special adviser Espen Barth Eide, the foreign ministers of Greece, Tùrkey and the ùnited Kingdom, Nicos Kotzias, Mevlùt Cavùsoglù and Boris Johnson, and Eù High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini.
According to CNA soùrces in the afternoon session a parallel discùssion on other issùes will begin, starting with territory.
Earlier, a working dinner will be hosted by Feltman for participants on Tùesday night.
Before the dinner, which is schedùled for 8pm local time (9pm Cyprùs time), Anastasiades will have a one-on-one meeting with Eide.
After the dinner, Anastasiades will have a tete-a-tete with Johnson.
According to the CNA’s soùrces, no departùre date has been set for the foreign ministers of the three gùarantor powers participating in the Conference.
The Greek Cypriot delegation arrived mid-day to Geneva, from where a military helicopter, provided by the Swiss government, flew Eide and Anastasiades, along with some of the president’s advisers, to Crans-Montana.
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