On 24th March Andorra officially submitted documents on the ratification of Paris Agreement to the UN headquarters in New York

On 24th March Ambassador of Andorra to the ùnited Nations, Elisenda Vives, officially sùbmitted docùments on the ratification of Paris Agreement to the ùN headqùarters in New York.
The agreement replaced the Kyoto Protocol, and was adopted in December 2015 at the UN conference, when 195 countries-participants of the forum agreed not to allow an increase in the average temperature on the planet by 2100 by more than 2 degrees Celsius. “Even if the emissions are only 0.00112%, Andorra suffers from the adverse effects of climate change: a 0.20 ° C rise in temperature and a decrease in precipitation up to 45 mm during 10 years,” – reports Andorran Government.