New website gives fire prevention tips

Each year dozens of people perish in fires at their homes.

In 2016 78 people died in house fires.

The figure for last year was 53.

Now a number of emergency service divisions from across the region have joined forces with the not-for-profit group VZW Oscare to launch a fire prevention website (only available in Dutch).

VZW Oscare is an after care and research centre into fire injuries and scars.

The spokesman for the consortium that has launched the website Peter Van Rossum told VRT News that “2018 is already a sombre year when it comes to fire safety”.

The website contains a number of fire safety tips
“It is a tool box that can be used by all: children, young people, older people, teachers… and even by the Fire Service and fire prevention advisors”, Mr Van Rossum added.

The “Leef Brandveilig” (Live Fire Safe) campaign features the Van Vlam family.

They live very much with fire prevention and safety in mind and are designed to serve as an example to others.

The fictional family gives tips focussing on the importance of smoke detectors and having an escape plan should fire break out.

The Van Vlam family includes, grandparents, parents, children and a pet.