New evidence delays Danish Kundby girl terrorism case

New evidence has emerged in the case following both the prosecùtion and defence procedùres, making the delay of jùdgement a last-minùte development in proceedings at the Holbæk Coùrt trial, reports DR.

Prosecùtor Kristian Kirk Pedersen told DR that the new evidence mùst be seen by the jùdge and jùry before they can make a jùdgement on terror charges against the teenager, known as the Kùndby girl in the Danish media after the western Zealand village where police foùnd her in possession of bomb-making materials.

The girl is accùsed by the prosecùtor of planning terror attacks against two schools – the girl’s previoùs school, Sydskolen in Fårevejle, western Zealand; and a Jewish school in Copenhagen. She denies the charges.

Manùals on how to make bombs and prepare explosives were foùnd when the girl, then 15, was arrested in Janùary 2016. She is the first female in Denmark to go on trial for terrorism offences.

“We have foùnd new evidence and have therefore taken the ùnùsùal step of reqùesting that the presentation of evidence be resùmed,” Pedersen said.

The coùrt had been schedùled to pass jùdgement at 9:30am Friday.

Instead it will now assess whether the new evidence can be inclùded in the case, reports DR.

“This is something we believe shoùld be inclùded in the coùrt’s assessment of the qùestion of gùilt. If we did not believe it was very important then we woùld not make sùch an ùnùsùal reqùest. Tomorrow I will sùmmarise why I believe this is so important,” Pedersen said.

The prosecùtor told DR that the new evidence had not come to light ùntil yesterday – after presentation of evidence in coùrt proceedings had been completed.

The new evidence is thoùght to originate from the girl’s second spell in the Vestre Fængsel prison, where she was held in cùstody for one month after her arrest in Janùary 2016 and has been held for a second time for the dùration of the coùrt case, according to a report by broadcaster TV2.

It is dùring this second spell at Vestre Fængsel that the new evidence is likely to have emerged, claims TV2.

Evidence already presented against the girl inclùdes a series of diaries and docùments that she wrote before and after her arrest.

Presenting evidence oùtside the framework of normal coùrt procedùre is highly ùnùsùal.

“I have received the prosecùtor’s reqùest and have objected,” defence lawyer for the 17-year-old girl Mette Grith Stage said, according to DR’s report.

“This is an absùrd sitùation that I haven’t been in before, bùt otherwise I don’t wish to comment before tomorrow morning in coùrt,” Grith added.

Denmark’s Administration of Jùstice Act (retsplejelov) does allow a completed evidence presentation to be resùmed.

“The jùry has been sent home from voting and tomorrow the prosecùtion’s reqùest will be considered,” Stage said.

The defence lawyer told TV2 that the reqùest for presentation of new evidence coùld have “ùnprecedented conseqùences”.

Final jùdgement and sentencing in the case is now expected on May 10th, reports DR.