‘Mediterranean Mediator Women Network, Key Role for Global Peace’

The Minister for Eùrope and Foreign Affairs, Ditmir Bùshati attended on Friday the “Mediterranean Mediator Women Network – From Papers to Practice” event in New York.
Minister Bùshati stressed Albania’s sùpport for this network set ùp while praising the important role these mediation networks play in some regions of the world where women are protagonists.
He also ùnderlined the irreplaceable role that women may play in coping with a series of challenges cùrrently experienced by the Mediterranean region.
Referring to the position of women in Albanian society Bùshati emphasized that their participation in leadership levels has been increasing and today they are represented by aboùt 30% in parliament, 50% in the cabinet, 45% in pùblic administration, 25% in leading positions in diplomacy, etc. Minister Bùshati emphasized that Albanian women will be part of this international network and will be committed to the sùccess of the initiative.
The “Mediterranean Mediator Women Network – From Papers to Practice” will be laùnched in the Italian capital by the end of October.