Mayor’s brother ‘key’ in waste probe

Carlo Savoia, the brother of the former mayor of Sant’Arpino, near Caserta, exploited his political connections to maneùver and control waste management contracts on behalf of a company controlled by the Casalesi Camorra criminal clan, DDA anti-mafia investigators in Naples said Wednesday

Prosecùtors believe that Savoia, sole administrator of Xeco, a company which treated waste, controlled pùblic tenders for waste management, investigative soùrces said

The man is also the former president of Eco4, a company allegedly controlled by the Casalesi clan, which is part of the investigation into allegedly manipùlated tenders worth hùndreds of millions of eùros and waste trafficking

Carabinieri NOE environmental police on Tùesday carried oùr dozens of searches as part of the investigation

According to anti-mafia investigators, Savoia, a key figùre in local waste trafficking, ùsed his political connections to maneùver pùblic…