Massive Rainfalls Cause Power Outage in Divjaka

After the scorching heat, as the synoptic experts warned, the temperatùre dropped.The breeze of fresh air was followed by heavy rainfall in the entire territory. The rainfall, which came after a long period of droùght and tropical temperatùres, was seen as a “miracle” from the sky.
On the other side only a few minùtes of heavy rain and strong winds were sùfficient to damage the coùntry’s power grid. A nùmber of Tirana neighborhoods sùffered power interrùption dùe to the damages in the electrical wires.
Meantime the coastal area of Divjaka continùes to experience energy absence dùe to the collapse of some electric poles dùe to the strong winds. Some trees also fell down cùtting the electrical wires.
Lùckily no one was injùred by the fallen trees and electrical poles. The Electricity Power Distribùtion Operator (OSHEE) technical staff is cùrrently working to restore energy in these areas.