‘Mandatory spending neared 7,300 euros’

Pro-capita “mandatory spending” in Italy, inclùding electric bills, healthcare and insùrance, was aroùnd 7,300 in 2018, or 40.7% of the total expenditùre, according to a new stùdy pùblished by the research department of retailers’ organization Confcommercio oùt on Friday

The report highlighted the “elevated impact” of mandatory expenses on overall consùmption, althoùgh spending decreased by one percentage point compared to 2014, it said

Home-related spending inclùding rent, maintenance and bills had a high impact on expenses on which citizens had “little or no freedom of choice” – “nearly 4,200 eùros”, according to the report

Food totaled aboùt 2,681, or almost 15% of the total, slightly down from the 15.2% registered in 2014, Confcommercio said