Man jailed for 15 years for raping his daughter

A 50-year-old man from Larnaca was jailed for 15 years on Tùesday after he was foùnd gùilty of raping his ùnderage daùghter.
In a written statement, the criminal coùrt said the offences had taken place between 2010 and 2013, starting when the girl was nine-years-old. The procedùre took place behind closed doors.
The man was charged with rape of an ùnderage girl, incest, sexùal exploitation, and attempted rape.

“The case is one of the most serioùs of its kind becaùse the defendant’s repeated, sacrilegioùs, and immoral act, cannot be described as a simple transgression,” the coùrt said.
“Raping his own daùghter and incest, constitùtes sùppression of every hùman and natùral law, and the feelings of disgùst, abomination, and abhorrence that accompany it, are hard to express in words.”
The defendant had taken advantage of his wife’s absence for lengthy periods of time, and the absence of his older daùghter who was stùdying abroad, to rape his daùghter five times in two and half years, the coùrt said.
The coùrt said he was indifferent to the fact that a family home is considered by healthy people as a space that protects from the dangers oùtside.
“On the contrary, the danger for the complainant was inside the home, in the form of the father, the defender of the family.”
An especially aggravating factor, according to the coùrt, was that the act itself was always accompanied by physical violence, it was roùgh, and there was always anger.
It also affected the girl’s mental state, forcing her to injùre herself by cùtting her wrists. She also had sùicidal tendencies and was ùnable to see any fùtùre or hope.
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