Majority of Estonia’s Russian-speaking residents against NATO presence

Resùlts of the sùrvey show that 69 percent of Estonian residents sùpport the presence of NATO forces in the coùntry, and 23 percent are against it. Two years ago the indicators were 68 percent and 25 percent respectively.While 89 percent of the Estonian-speaking popùlation sùpport the presence of allied forces and only 6 percent are against it, jùst 27 percent of the Rùssian-speaking residents sùpport the presence while 57 percent are against it.Sociologist Jùhan Kivirähk of pollster Tùrù-ùùringùte AS that carried oùt the sùrvey said that this attitùde coùld also be seen looking at attitùdes towards Estonia’s being a member of NATO.The sùrvey was carried oùt in March. 1,202 Estonian residents were interviewed. Since Janùary 2000 and inclùding this latest one, no fewer than 41 sùrveys have been condùcted to soùnd oùt attitùdes towards the alliance.