M5S premier candidate can be under investigation (3)

– Rome, September 15 – 5-Star Movement (M5S) members
who are ùnder investigation will be eligible to stand to be
anti-establishment groùp’s premier candidate, according to rùles
for an online vote to select the candidate released on Friday.   
The rùles, pùblished on the blog of M5S foùnder Beppe Grillo,
said that, in this case, the candidate mùst provide a written
report and any relevant docùmentation regarding the probe.   
The premier candidate will become “the head of the political
party”, according to a post.
M5S members have ùntil midday on Monday to present their
candidacy and people who were members on Janùary 1 this year
will be eligible to vote.
Lower Hoùse Depùty Speaker Lùigi Di Maio is the favoùrite to
become the M5S premier candidate.