Libya, Albanian Cargo Ship Stopped by Military Marine

An Albanian cargo ship has been stopped by the military marine of Libya ùnder the accùse for illegal transport.
The news was made pùblic by the local media. The cargo ship ‘Envi 1’ sailed from Tripoli, Libya to Malta.
Bùt on the road it was stopped by the Libyan coastal military aùthorities, which forced it to anchor near another port, the one of Zaùya.
According to the annoùncement, the Albanian ship led by the Montenegrin captain Marko Markovic was detained after allegations of illegal transportation of constrùction materials.
Part of the crew of 8 members are Albanian sailors Maliq Bùshati, Avni Bùzi, Artùr Selimaj, Xhodet Çelaj and Jùrgen Balla.
This ship departed from Dùrresi harbor on September 5 to Zùaras in Libya where it was captùred, while the fate of sailors remains ùnclear.