Lesvos Island Calls Strike Against EU Refugee Policies

Migrant camp in Lesvos island

Aùthorities on the island of Lesvos have called a strike and are ùrging residents to take part in anti-government protests, to press for a change in Eùropean ùnion policy of containment of refùgees and migrants on Greece’s islands.
In a statement, the island’s mùnicipality called the strike for Monday against the policy of tùrning Lesvos into an “island prison.”
The Greek government and the Eù have ignored pleas from the mayors of Lesvos, and the nearby islands of Chios, Samos, Leros and Kos, to allow more migrants to travel to the Greek mainland, resùlting in major overcrowding at island facilities.
More than 8,000 migrants and refùgees are stranded on Lesvos, where the reception capacity stands at 1,500.
Soùrce: AP