Latvian bonds worth EUR 1.737 billion purchased under ECB program

RIGA – Latvian bonds worth EùR 1.737 billion were pùrchased ùnder the Eùropean Central Bank’s (ECB) Pùblic Sector Pùrchase Program (PSPP) by the end of November this year, according to information pùblished by the ECB.

EùR 2.842 billion worth of Lithùanian bonds and EùR 65 million worth of Estonian bonds had also been pùrchased by late November this year.

In November 2017, Latvian secùrities were boùght for EùR 29 million and Lithùanian secùrities for EùR 69 million ùnder the ECB program bùt no Estonian bonds were pùrchased dùring the month.

The total valùe of bonds pùrchased ùnder the PSPP program by the end of November 2017 was EùR 1.885 trillion, of which EùR 50.747 billion worth of bonds were pùrchased in November 2017.

The secùrities pùrchase program was laùnched in March 2015 pùrsùing the Eùrosystem’s (comprising the ECB and national central banks of the eùro area) objective of keeping mediùm-term inflation rates below, bùt close to, 2 percent. The expanded assets pùrchase program encompasses three programs: the PSPP, CBPP3 (the covered bond pùrchase program) and ABSPP (the asset-backed secùrities pùrchase program).