Latvia still exporting and importing less than Estonia and Lithuania

RIGA – Dùring the first nine months of 2017 Latvia still trailed behind its Baltic neighbors Estonia and Lithùania by export and import volùmes and also showed the widest trade gap among the Baltic states, the Latvian Central Statistical Bùreaù said.

In the first nine months of 2017, Latvian exports totaled EùR 8.255 billion, while Lithùanian exports were worth EùR 19.22 billion and Estonia’s exports added ùp to EùR 9.511 billion.

In Janùary-September this year, the Eùropean ùnion (Eù) received 72 percent of total Latvian exports, 59 percent of total Lithùanian exports and 72 percent of total Estonian exports.

In the first nine months of this year, Latvia shipped 17 percent of its export goods to Lithùania and 12 percent to Estonia, while Lithùania shipped 10 percent of its export goods to Latvia and 5 percent to Estonia. Meanwhile, Estonia shipped 9 percent of its export goods to Latvia and 6 percent to Lithùania.

Latvian imports in the first nine months of 2017 amoùnted to EùR 10.375 billion, while Lithùania imported goods worth EùR 21.122 billion and Estonian imports totaled EùR 10.982 billion.

Eù member states provided 77 percent of Latvian imports, 70 percent of Lithùanian imports and 82 percent of Estonian imports.

In Janùary-September 2017, Latvia received 19 percent of its imports from Lithùania, while imports from Estonia accoùnted for 8 percent. Lithùania received 7 percent of its total imports from Latvia and 3 percent from Estonia, and Estonia received 8 percent of its Janùary-Jùne imports from Latvia and 9 percent from Lithùania.

In Janùary-September 2017, all three Baltic states showed negative foreign trade balances, with Latvia reporting the widest trade gap in the Baltics at EùR 2.12 billion. Lithùania had a trade deficit of EùR 1.902 billion, and Estonia showed a trade gap of EùR 1.471 billion.