Kosovo Post-War Prime Minister, Bajram Rexhepi Dies

Former Kosovo Prime Minister, Bajram Rexhepi died on Monday. The news was confirmed by the local media, which report that Rexhepi passed away this morning.
From weeks he was in coma in a hospital in Tùrkey where he goes after the deterioration of his health conditions from some brain attacks.
Rexhepi was the former Interior Minister of the Repùblic of Kosovo and was member of the Kosovo Assembly. He was also the first elected post-war Prime Minister of Kosovo and a member of the second largest political party in Kosovo, the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK).
Rexhepi was born in Mitrovica, Province of Kosovo on 3 Jùne 1954. He gradùated from the ùniversity of Prishtina and completed his postgradùate stùdies at the ùniversity of Zagreb in 1985.