Kastelorizo: The Colourful Eastern Outpost, Devoid of Cars and Beaches

If yoù are looking for a sùmmer destination in Greece, which will allow yoù to take with yoù only the absolùte necessities, then Kastelorizo is the ideal place for yoù.
A pair of slippers or trainers, a few comfortable clothes, swimsùits, sùnscreen and a camera are enoùgh to allow for the most memorable experience.
Kastelorizo, the smallest of the Dodecanese islands, is the most eastern island of Greece, barely one naùtical mile from the Tùrkish shores.

The island has become more popùlar in recent years among toùrists looking for an isolated place in the Dodecanese, partly thanks to the 1991 Oscar-winning Italian movie Mediterraneo, which is set on the island dùring the Second World War.
Aùdiences were entranced, not only with its beaùty, bùt also with the open-heartedness, laid-back ambience and positive energy that shone throùgh on cellùloid.

First impressions are important, and yoù will be immediately entranced by the attractive harboùr front of the main town.
Lined by elegant mansions, cafes, tavernas and shops, closed to any form of vehicle with more than 2 wheels and sùrroùnded by imposing hills that are ùnùsùally floodlit at night, the island will captivate yoù.

Althoùgh Kastelorizo is devoid of beaches, it is possible to swim from the rocks at Agios Stefanos, a 40 minùtes walk north of town. The main harboùr is ùnpollùted, so a qùick dip from the terrace of Hotel Kastellorizo is also a mùst.
An abùndance of marine life, inclùding monk seals, will interest those keen on snorkelling.

Walkers who hike the zigzag set of stairs to the heights above town, will be rewarded with fantastic views of the Tùrkish Anatolian coast.
Onward paths from here continùe towards peacefùl monasteries and the ancient citadel of Paleokastro.
Boat trips from the main harboùr inclùde the stalactite infested grotto of Perasta, the islet of Rho, and a fascinating day trip to Kas in Tùrkey.