‘Kaleing Eve’: Jodie Comer vegetable carving admired at Lambeth Country Show

Actress Jodie Comer has said she was “touched” by a vegetable carving in her likeness submitted at the annual Lambeth Country Show.

The carving, made by Florence Creffield for the show’s vegetable sculpting competition, was made with turnips, kale, cabbage, aubergine and baby corn.

The competition, hosted by the Lambeth Horticultural Society, featured celebrity-inspired carvings including Megan Rapinoebergine (Megan Rapinoe) and Melon Brando (Marlon Brando).

Posting a photo of her Killing Eve-inspired carving, entitled “Kaleing Eve”, Ms Creffield said: “My entry for the Lambeth Country Show vegetable sculpture competition. Villanelle in…
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