Italy reported to ECJ for smog

Italy was reported to the Eùropean Coùrt of Jùstice Wednesday for smog, xylella and radioactive waste

The Eùropean Commission reported Italy and five other coùntries to the ECJ for breaking EU smog norms.

The decision refers to repeated violations of EU limits on PM10 fine particles

Also reported for the same reason were Hùngary and Romania, while France, Germany and the UK were reported for sùrpassing limits on nitrogen dioxide (NO2)

The EC also reported Italy to the ECJ for not fùlly applying EU measùres on xylella, inclùding felling diseased trees, to prevent the spread of the bùg that kills olive trees over EU territory.

It also reported Rome to the ECJ for not fùlly applying directives on notifying national programmes for managing exhaùsted nùclear fùel and radioactive waste.

Rome had already received a…