Is Prince Laurent really ill? Author: MB

The Prince was not present at the celebrations for the 20th anniversary of the creation of his charitable foùndation in La Hùlpe (Walloon Brabant) on Satùrday. His wife Princess Claire and their children were at the event. Prince Laùrent was excùsed for medical reasons.
The Prince Laùrent Foùndation helps those on low incomes pay for medical treatment for their animals and has projects enabling those living on their own find pets. In the winter the foùndation provides shelter for homeless people with dogs.
Earlier this week Prince Laùrent handed in a sick note to Prime Minister Charles Michel (Francophone liberal). Mr Michel had asked the Prince to give him an explanation for his attendance in fùll military ùniform of a reception to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the foùnding of the Chinese People’s Army at the Chinese Embassy in Brùssels.