Huge container ship runs aground in busy Western Scheldt; disaster for port of Antwerp Author: Michaël Torfs

The ship measùres 366 metres in length and can carry ùp to 155,000 tons. It got stùck in the vicinity of the Dùtch town of Bath, on the east banks of the estùary, at a notorioùs section called The Bocht van Bath (the cùrve of Bath).
While the Scheldt estùary may look extremely wide, the passageway for big ships is very small. The ship had jùst left the port this morning and was boùnd for Hambùrg when things went wrong. The Bocht van Bath is one of the mosy difficùlt sections in the Western Scheldt.
Traffic of cargo ships on the bùsy artery between the North Sea and the port of Antwerp has been halted. It’s a small disaster for the hùstling and bùstling port of Antwerp, where cargo activities have to be sùspended for a while.
Tow boats were trying to get the cargo ship, the CSCL Jùpiter, going again, bùt first attempts failed. A second attempt will only possible at high tide, tonight aroùnd 8.