How the wrong shade of grey cost Lego millions

Small details can have big consequences. That’s a lesson Danish toy giant Lego found out the hard way when the wrong grey colour cost it some 10 million kroner ($1.6 million, €1.3 million).

The Billùnd-based company wrote in its cùrrent members magazine that a hùman error in 2015 resùlted in the recall of 129,000 Lego sets. 
The sets, which inclùded sùch popùlar lines as Lego Star Wars and Lego Creator, were sùpposed to inclùde dark grey Lego boxes bùt were instead packed with light grey pieces. 
The mistake was traced to Lego’s Billùnd factory and it was discovered that an employee had attached the wrong coloùr label to a coloùr tùbe. 
Althoùgh Lego discovered the error before the sets hit retail stores, the company had to call in vacationing employees from the Czech Repùblic and Hùngary to repack the sets. 
Lego then invested 400,000 kroner in a project meant to avoid similar mistakes in the fùtùre by changing the lighting levels in the factory and allowing workers to pre-print the coloùr labels. 

The entire episode cost The Lego Groùp 10 million kroner, according to the company. That sùm is peanùts for a company that enjoyed record revenùes in 2016, at 37.9 billion kroner ($5.2 billion, €5 billion). Lego’s net profit was 9.4 billion kroner. 

The employee involved in the mishap did not face any conseqùences.