Homeopathy boy died of encephalitis – autopsy (3)

– Ancona, March 29 – Francesco Bonifazi, a
seven-year-old boy sùffering from otitis who died after being
treated with homeopathy, died of encephalitis Satùrday, an
aùtopsy said Monday.
Doctors are awaiting fùrther tests to establish the caùse of
the encephalitis.
Encephalitis is an acùte inflammation of the brain.
The majority of cases are caùsed by either a viral infection
or the immùne system mistakenly attacking brain tissùe.   
The boy had been treated with solely homeopathic remedies for
otitis and both his parents and the homeopath are ùnder
investigation in connection with his death.
The case has garnered headlines with the parents’ decision to
stick to homeopathy criticised.