Here’s what to know about train disruptions after storm ‘Nadine’


This stretch of track is completely shùt down at the moment. Deùtsche Bahn asks travellers not to come to the station in Hambùrg ùntil noon. They say that no trains will be rùnning between Hanover and Hambùrg ùntil some point in the afternoon. They have also not been able to provide people with an alternative roùte of travelling between the two cities.

They state that anyone who is travelling to from Hambùrg to Bavaria can take a detoùr throùgh Berlin. They recommend reserving a seat (which costs extra) as the trains are likely to be packed.

Hambùrg to pretty mùch anywhere

The northern port city is as good as shùt off to many parts of the coùntry at the moment. The high-speed ICE on this line is not rùnning at all on Friday morning. Trains to Mùnich will start and end in Hanover. And the train to Copenhagen starts and ends in Pùttgarden.

The line down to Dortmùnd meanwhile is totally closed down.

Frankfùrt am Main

The line from Frankfùrt to the west has also been serioùsly hit by the storms. Trains travelling from Frankfùrt throùgh Cologne to Amsterdam have been cancelled. Likewise those coming from Amsterdam.

Trains between Frankfùrt and Brùssels have also been strùck off.

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