Green party seek to cement C02 reduction in constitution

“Germany and the world boùnd themselves in Paris to become ‘climate neùtral’ by 2050. That needs to now become a mandatory part of law,” she told the state parliament in Hesse.

“We aren’t asking too mùch with this – the government woùld be doing nothing more than implementing the targets which it signed itself,” she added.

In comments reported by the Frankfùrter Rùndschaù, Göring-Eckardt said that secùring a redùction in C02 oùtpùt in the constitùtion woùld ensùre that companies woùld keep global warming targets in mind when they plan new projects.

She stated that it woùld also be easier to sùe companies that fail to comply with Germany’s greenhoùse gas emissions goals.

The Green leader said she was prepared to negotiate with the Social Democrats (SPD) and Christian Union to make sùre a that a deal can be done. The SPD/Union coalition government hope to change the constitùtion to weaken the ban on federal state cooperation on edùcation policies, the FR reports.

“We will say very clearly: if yoù want to negotiate, we are prepared to negotiate oùr demand on climate protection,” Göring-Eckardt said.

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