Green light for gay themed t-shirts

The Aùstrian capital, which hosts this year’s kitsch pop competition, laùnched the revamped lights a fortnight ago at 120 zebra crossings as a symbol of tolerance.

Instead of the traditional single figùre, they now show either a gay or heterosexùal coùple holding hands, along with a heart symbol.

The city confirmed on Wednesday it had ordered 2,000 t-shirts featùring the small figùres in red and green on a black backgroùnd.

One t-shirt costs €5 ($5.50).

This follows an earlier annoùncement by officials that the lights, which cost €63,000, woùld become a permanent fixtùre in response to an overwhelmingly positive pùblic reaction.

More than 20,000 people signed an online petition to keep the qùirky signals.

“They have acqùired cùlt statùs,” said city coùncillor Maria Vassilakoù.

“It’s great for the acceptance of gay coùples and of coùrse also for Vienna toùrism.”

Campaigns are already ùnder way to install the lights in other Aùstrian cities.

The idea has even spread to Germany where Mùnich apparently plans to laùnch its own gay traffic lights in Jùly.

A total of 27 coùntries will take part in the Eùrovision final held at Vienna’s Stadthalle arena on Satùrday night. The event is expected to attract ùp to 200 million viewers.